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Conference room pods: Latest office design layouts for employees work productivity

Open workplaces became very popular not too long ago, and most of the people considered them to be a very helpful and creative solution for employee innovation and collaboration. This office layout seemed like an excellent key to decrease costs, and increase workspace collaboration.

However, soon it concluded that open offices are not as beneficial as people once thought they were. Consider some of their limitations:

  • A highly distracting environment that makes it harder to focus
  • Increased expense in the long term
  • Maximize stress in the work environment
  • Lack of privacy
  • Increase in the sickness
  • Absence of employees

Employees in an open workspace are not just less productive but they are also less satisfied and less happy. Open office workplaces do not provide employees the private space they need to do their tasks efficiently and it can create interruption and loss to the business productivity.

If you are noticing that you need to change your open office layout to delivering the agile work environment, you may have a query that how you can do this to get the desired results for the cost you can manage.

So just dig into some facts with which you can do to transform your open office into a private space your workers will feel satisfied and happy to work in. With the right office furniture and creative office booths, you can convert your office for your employees to do work better.

Finding a happy and private medium

We are not against open office workspace but our main focus is that they need a little change and assistance to make them work for employees. There are a lot of companies that are transforming their business into a private and agile work environment. A comfortable office environment integrates the open workplace with private spaces that create a flexible private area for workers. They move around as they need collaboration and some help to work independently.

As you must agree that not all employees can work productive in an open area, so providing them some options is a great way to encourage employee’s morale that helps in increasing their performance.

So how do you convert your office layout into an agile work environment? Just have a look at the latest office design to resolve your query.

Latest office designs

Employees come first, offices come second.  I am sure you read this phrase many times. So, it is crucial to keep them satisfied and happy. Workers need a workplace where they could not only collaborate or socialize but also get their work done efficiently. Attracting and keeping your skilled staff that is the backbone of your company becomes more important for your business profit and productivity.

As you will get a lot of modular office furniture pods while you searching online that comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

  • Zip Pod
  • Decibel Double
  • Decibel Single
  • Hive Cafe
  • Office Pods
  • Square Pods
  • Acoustic Phone Booth
  • Meeting rooms
  • Circular Pods
  • Free standing phone booth

This variety of acoustic booths provide workers to experience the new workplace, move around the office, work privately, hold conferences without going outside the office is a great way

You don’t need to renovate your open office, just add these private pods which are the best options for privacy. An open office without private rooms seems to be less productive and useless.

So, Spaceworx is the office’s answer to privacy and productivity. At Spaceworx, our private office pods offer comfortable private and portable meeting pods to study new materials, answer calls privately, make concentration, host a video conference, collaborate with team members, and handle tasks that need peace to focus.

Visit here for more information:

Published by Spaceworx

At Spaceworx, we believe that noise control and office acoustics play a very important role in creating a productive, healthy, and comfortable work environment. Our design philosophy is aiming to improve and make work environments better through beautiful and functional private office pods. Our objective is to deliver audible and modular work environments that readjust for changing and growing businesses: phone booths, meeting pods and collaboration furniture. Visit here to know more:

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